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Common Causes of Stress

Here is a list of examples of situations that can prove stressful, depending on the individual.  This list is not exhaustive but we recommend that you look through it and use it to generate your own list of things that might be creating stress in your life. 

lack of natural daylight                                                lack of fresh air
atmosphere too hot or too cold                                     noise levels
insufficient water                                                        change
uncertainty                                                                 job insecurity
new job                                                                     new technology
targets and deadlines                                                  conflict with boss or colleague
customer expectations                                                 other people's stress
the work environment                                                   long hours
lack of support                                                            harassment and bullying
lack of control                                                             lack of feedback
lack of recognition and reward                                       unclear goals
lack of training                                                            small children
teenagers                                                                   elderly or sick parents
financial concerns                                                         illness
moving house                                                              relationship problems
arguments                                                                  new baby
someone cutting you up in traffic                                   nothing to do
too much to do                                                            too much choice
divorce                                                                       bereavement
work/life balance                                                         lack of exercise
family conflict                                                             burglary
getting married                                                           the economy
traffic jams                                                                politics
war                                                                           crime

Use the suggestions in the main article to establish what action you are going to take to reduce their impact.

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