Would you like to be able to handle your emotions better?

Co-counselling is a brilliant self-help method. It hugely increases emotional awareness and skills. It provides a FREE personal support system for life.

Why Co-counselling? Because it's based on an exchange of time and skills (never money) between two people of equal status who have had the same training. It's an empowering alternative to paying a professional counsellor or therapist.

Usually it takes a 5-day training to become an accredited co-counsellor, join your local community and become a member of CCI (Co-Counselling International), but in Suffolk we have a different system:
1. A 3-day course in PSN (Peer Support Network). PSN courses are fully funded (FREE to participants). Contact us for details of courses and free tasters.

2. A shorter course in PSN Plus. This takes PSN graduates to a deeper level and gives them the skills and experience to be accredited as full CCI co-counsellors. There is a small charge for this course.

The next PSN Plus course in Suffolk will be in 2018
Contact us for more information.

Steve Roche & Sue Gray wrote a best-selling introductory book about co-counselling called"What's On Top?". Order direct from the publisher in print or download.

There is more about co-counselling in general at the CCI UK website.

Contact us:  Telephone: 07727 658947 or 07919 595659.

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